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Storz Insurance Services, Inc. exists to help businesses and individuals solve insurance problems.  We create solutions through the use of medical, dental, long-term care, life, disability, HSA, HRA, and other related products and services.  We use our 85 years of combined experience to provide you with the optimal solutions for your business or family.

We service business clients having hundreds of employees down to local one and two-person companies.  In addition, we help Medicare enrollees, families, and individuals.  With long-time experience in the insurance industry, we are well-equipped to understand your specific needs.  Please call (408)395-3303 for a consultation.

Employee benefits can be complicated, leaving employers and employees overwhelmed.  As agents/brokers, we represent many insurance and service providers who provide us with the best tools to craft your possible solutions.

Will you have to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?
Do you have 50 full-time employees or full-time equivalent employees?
Are you prepared to implement and comply with The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)?

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