Don’t overlook FREE benefits

Your health insurance plan has lots of benefits included that you might not be taking advantage of.  While the health insurance plan may have high deductibles, don’t look past money saving opportunities.  Your Bronze or Silver plan do include office visit copays, which greatly reduced your cost to see a doctor.  This does not require you to hit your deductible (unless you have an HSA qualified plan).

The biggest benefit that is FREE is your annual preventive care exam.  Women, this means your well-woman exam is covered.  Annual age-based screenings are also included.  Just be aware that preventive care can cross over to diagnostic care and then you would see a bill.  As Micah Weinberg, senior policy adviser to the Bay Area Council (a local public policy advocacy group from San Francisco) mentions, “Your preventive check-up may come without any cost-sharing, but if they find something and you need treatment, that does not come without cost-sharing.”

Some insurance carriers will also give you access to free appointments via phone with your doctor or a nurse.  Wellness programs to quit smoking or loose weight are often covered benefits too!  Take the time to learn about your health plan or call our office for any guidance.