Got Medicare?

Whether you are just turning 65 or want to review the Medicare Supplement policy, our team is specialized in Medicare products to help ensure you have the best coverage for your needs.  Plans should be reviewed annually and, before the holidays hit, it’s a great time to set up your one on one meeting with one of our six licensed agents.  Please call so we can help!  408-395-3303

If you are approaching 65, happy birthday!  This can be a confusing time and I know those advertising mailers can be daunting.  Don’t fret.  We tell our clients to just keep them in a pile (or use them to start holiday BBQ’s and fires on cold nights).  You’re welcome to bring those and we can review them together.  Keep in mind that, for the most part, they are all marketing their own products so it’s a slanted view!  We represent all major carriers so, without specific affiliations, we are here to serve YOU.

Medicare is very different that your current coverage so it’s important to understand the benefits and liabilities that come with it.  There are also essential Open Enrollment guidelines so you don’t want to delay and miss those.  We are here to help with any questions so just call or you can email Mika: