Health Care Law Leads to New Scams

We all delete (or filter) massive amounts of spam and know how annoying telemarkers are when they call your home during dinner!  The floodgates are now open for new scams that might not be as easy to pick out.  This new generation of scams is due to the massive amount of misconceptions surrounding the implementation of “Obamacare”.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as ACA, has created a new world of health insurance that few (care to) understand.  High-pressure phone calls and emails regarding health care mandates have been reported to Departments of Insurance around the nation.  Beware!  Do not engage in conversation!

Rather, find a local California agent who can walk you through your options.  Choices for 2014 do not need to be overwhelming once you have a trusted adviser to provide consumer reports of your options.  Anyone masquerading as government enrollers could use threats to coerce people into buying “insurance” or giving personal information over the phone.  There are even reports that people are threatened with jail time if they do not buy insurance.  These smooth talking crooks will be especially convincing to the elderly or those that are not up to date on the health care laws.  And really, why would most Americans follow ACA implementation details when deadlines are postponed and new information comes out almost every day?

2014 brings a new era of health insurance.  These ploys target those that do not understand, what is likely, the biggest overhaul of American health care.  Stay informed and aware!

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