Individual Covered California Enrollment Ending Soon

You can no longer be denied health insurance due to medical needs but do not get confused and think you can apply whenever you want.  That is a belief that I hear often these days and it is not true.  There are special enrollment periods with deadlines for application submissions and payment.

For your coverage to start on the 1st of the month, applications must be in by the 15th of the month prior.  That means if you apply on the 16th of February, your coverage will not be effective until April 1st and you will be without insurance for over a month!  This could leave you in a dangerous spot should any unexpected medical needs arise.  If you find yourself in this situation, short-term health insurance is the solution.  You can apply for and enroll in short-term health insurance coverage on the Apply Here section of our website. These plans do have limitations but are much better than going without insurance.

The annual enrollment window for 2014 individual and family health insurance policies will close completely on March 31st.  With ever-changing political winds, this could be adjusted but, as the law stands currently, you will be out of luck to enroll in or change your coverage as of April 1st.  There are special open enrollment windows but these are based on “life changing events” such as getting married, having a baby, loosing a job or ending a marriage.

Small groups remain the most nimble way to obtain quality and affordable health insurance coverage.  Small business are those with 2 or more full time employees.  However, the government has decided that husband wife companies, without another full-time employee, will no longer be eligible for small business health insurance.  Any husband wife company with group benefits should start planning for 2014 coverage now because your policy may terminate upon renewal.

Since ACA did not simplify your medical insurance options, be sure that you have a local health insurance agent to answer your questions.  An employee benefits specialist can answer any group medical insurance questions and obtain the best employee benefits package or a local insurance office should be able to answer your questions on Covered CA and other options for individuals and families.  Whatever your situation, do not tackle it on your own!  Licensed professionals are able to assist without charge.